Pure Solutions

Pure provides solutions. Whether it’s creating therapeutics for immunotherapy, pioneering an approach to producing highly purified forms of HLA proteins, or developing vaccines for combating cancer, we’re leading the way to harnessing the power of the human immune system.

Pure Therapeutics

What it is

Pure Vaccine Epitope Discovery Technology

HLA proteins act as an alarm system for cancerous and infected cells by presenting a foreign peptide to T cells. Pure is able to simulate the disease state and identify the HLA peptide complexes that distinguish cancerous or infected cells just like the immune system does naturally. Pure technologies capture the foreign peptide so it can be used with our own proprietary vaccine approach or alternatively for other parties to create their own system with Pure’s vaccine targets. The high confidence targets allow for a more focused downstream development then alternative methods. In recent projects, Pure has discovered just six high confidence foreign peptides presented during a viral infection due to the extensive validation system. Alternative approaches generate 100’s to 1000’s of low confidence targets that will create 10X to 100X more screening in downstream testing.

Pure T-Cell Receptor Mimic (TCRm) Technology

A therapeutic response can be generated with the use of artificial T-cell receptors which are called T-cell receptor mimics (TCRm). TCRms are monoclonal antibodies are targeted against the HLA epitope presented on diseased cells.

Pure makes TCRms against real (and validated) epitopes which can be used to immunize a person before they are exposed to the disease.