Pure Solutions

Pure provides solutions. Whether it’s creating therapeutics for immunotherapy, pioneering an approach to producing highly purified forms of HLA proteins, or developing vaccines for combating cancer, we’re leading the way to harnessing the power of the human immune system.

The Pure Difference

Pure is the gold standard for optimizing the human immune system.

The human immune system is complex and diverse. Most companies have not been able to deal with its intricacies, seeking broad spectrum remedies that are incapable of specifically addressing the wide variety of security breaches each system faces without damaging parts of the security system that are essential for survival. But Pure has, and that’s why we are far ahead of the pack in harnessing the power of the body’s immune system.

Our use of natural, high-quality HLA components are critical to the immune system’s fine-tuned receptors, which are quick to reject non-self organs and foreign infectious agents. Because we synthesize our HLA proteins in mammalian cells instead of insect or bacterial cells, our technologies circumvent the purification and production issues afflicting our competitors. And we are able to control the body’s immune system responses more effectively and efficiently.

For instance, Pure can target only those antibodies that will cause the immune system to reject an organ. Doctors can avoid stripping out all other essential and beneficial immune system antibodies, resulting in a huge quality of life advance for transplant patients undergoing other types of treatments and even more so for those who are otherwise unable to receive a transplant or must spend many years on the waiting list. Our refined technology is blazing the trail to a future where we can easily transplant any organ into any body.

Pure is the gold standard for optimizing the human immune system. Quality materials, exhaustive research, and impeccable production – the proof is in our purity.