Pure Solutions

Pure provides solutions. Whether it’s creating therapeutics for immunotherapy, pioneering an approach to producing highly purified forms of HLA proteins, or developing vaccines for combating cancer, we’re leading the way to harnessing the power of the human immune system.

Pure Diagnostics

What it is

In order to construct an immune diagnostic, HLA proteins must be frequently be included in a diagnostic assay. Pure has or is developing for partners diagnostic antibody-screening assays with a goal of providing a precision method for determining if anti-HLA antibodies exist in a transplant recipient and the exact HLA specificity of these antibodies. The purpose of Pure is to be the primary source of HLA for these diagnostic assays. This will allow data from center to center, and from test to test, to be compared. This will allow for comparable donor-recipient matching between centers. In addition, because the data between centers and tests can be compared, we can better conclude how to match future transplant patients.