Pure Solutions

Pure provides solutions. Whether it’s creating therapeutics for immunotherapy, pioneering an approach to producing highly purified forms of HLA proteins, or developing vaccines for combating cancer, we’re leading the way to harnessing the power of the human immune system.

Pure Solutions

Harnessing the power of the human immune system.

Pure is powering transformative advancements and you can tap into such important commercial opportunities as amplifying the killing of targeted cells by antibodies and allowing any organs to be transplanted into any recipient regardless of tissue type.

More precise and effective ways to fight cancer, ease organ transplantation, and eliminate auto-immune diseases. Pure Protein’s technology is a game changer. We are the only company that uses naturally produced antigens to manipulate the functions of the human immune system to make it more effective.

The human immune system (which includes HLA proteins) can be thought of as the body’s security network. This network is designed to respond to alarms generated from individual cells. There are beneficial alarms that alert the body’s immune system to viruses and cancer; then there are false alarms that can attack organ transplants and create autoimmune diseases like lupus and diabetes. And because immune systems are as individual as snowflakes, distinguishing valid alarms from false ones is a complex challenge.

Using HLA proteins that are naturally produced and processed, our proven technologies allow us to understand the variations of individual immune systems and adapt or counteract its responses accordingly. They can counteract false alarms while preserving beneficial ones, bolstering the immune system’s security network. Whether a body is fighting cancer or integrating an organ transplant, Pure has the expertise to make sure the HLA does an effective job, seamlessly and naturally.