Pure People

Pure is set apart by its exceptional personnel. The company was founded by Chief Scientist Dr. William Hildebrand, who has been awarded over $40 million in grants, authored over 120 publications, and holds 77 patents in fields related to the discovery and use of the HLA protein technology he has developed.

An Emergent Company

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Emergent Technologies, Inc. (ETI) uses its unique shared management services, partner driven model to transform breakthrough research into viable technology platforms with multiple practical applications. To date, ETI and its industry partners have invested in excess of $500 million in technologies within its 19 portfolio companies. ETI draws upon its core team and financial resources to leverage funds, launch companies, and work with our partners. ETI turns research into revenue and, in the process, introduces compelling solutions to meet important market needs. For more information, visit the company website www.etibio.com.