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Grants & Other Partnerships

Creating West Nile and improved influenza vaccines.


The annual flu vaccine provokes the immune system to produce antibodies to two influenza antigens, NA (neuraminidase) and HA (hemagglutinin). It’s a combination of the NA and HA types from three different viruses that were present in the previous season. The idea is that an injection of those antibodies will keep you from getting infected with flu this season. This is a serologic level passive immunity. But if it doesn’t fully neutralize the viral strains of this year and you do get sick, this research is designed to determine if there are T-cell equivalents of HA and NA that a CTL vaccine can be designed around. This work being done for the FDA.

West Nile Virus Vaccine

We have identified the epitopes that distinguish WNV infected cells and have developed passive immunotherapy (TCRms) that are effective against WNV in mice. This work is funded by the NIH and is being done in collaboration with Professor Ted Hansen at Washington University in Seattle.