Pure Capabilities

Pure transforms promising breakthroughs into practical applications. Our suite of research tools allow for an expansive range of immunological study.

Research Tools


Researchers can begin to understand T-cell and B-cell responses and use HLA tetramers to establish correlates of immunity. Pure has these tools available or the ability to make custom tools for particular needs.

For transplant research, Pure Tools can begin to unravel complex patterns of serologic response to HLA.

With Pure Tools, researchers can design functional assays to determine the functional activity to HLA and monitor immune system activity. With Pure Tools you can build your own antibody-screening assay and peptide-binding assays or other diagnostics to monitor disease progression or the onset of transplant rejection.

With Pure Tools, you can create your own T-Cell Receptor mimics, design a cancer vaccine, or investigate HLA function in autoimmunity.

Using its Research Tools, Pure also maps immune epitopes to contribute to a global effort to catalogue all known HLA epitopes.